Cloud Migration Services

SysOps | DevOps | SecOps | DataOps | MLOps.

We offer extremely secure cloud orchestration for highly regulated and compliance driven industries like Life Science, Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance. Compliance assistance for ISO27001, PCI/DSS, HIPAA.

Enabling Seamless Cloud Migration

We help enterprises migrate seamlessly and rapidly to the cloud—with proven track record of designing scalable, secure, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

01 Operate

24/7 Cloud Operations Management through our SaaS platform, Tevico. An AWS Marketplace product available globally and backed-up by AWS Certified Cloud professionals.

02 Build

Build highly maintainable and effective Infrastructure-as-a-Code(IaC) to stand-up the cloud infrastructure.

03 Design

Design dynamically scalable and reliable cloud architecture.

People Behind

AWS and ITIL Certified

Certified in diverse areas like Security, ML, Kubernetes, Big Data etc.

Very good understanding of ITIL framework.


Advance BASH, Pytone.

Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation.

Deep understanding of API design and Integration.

Multi-Domain Experts

eCommerce, Finance.

Life Science, Pharma.

Media, Gaming etc.

Aware of many
compliance standards

ISO 9001/27001



Highly Collaborative & extremely approachable

Peer programming.

Design Collaboration.

Reaching through multiple
communication channels.

Platform, Framework & Tools