Wave 2 Access points – 2 Most Common Deployment mistakes

In last 10 – 12 Months, I have come across several cases where the vendors are pushing their customers to go for Wave 2 capable Access Points. While Wave 2 offers higher density, better throughput and is future ready, there is some network readiness required for the the best deployment.


Here are the 2 common deployment mistakes, that can be easily avoided.


Mistake 1# Deploy Wave 2 AP with a regular Gigabit Access POE Switches.

Wave 2 AP being capable of reaching a throughput rates of 5G, how do you expect a Gig port to handle that !?

This design would cause a throughput bottleneck right at the uplink of the AP !!


Mistake 2# Deploy Wave 2 AP by upgrading to 10Gig Access POE Switches.

Going for a 10G Ethernet Switch, would mean replacing all the existing Cat5E and Cat6 Cabling. Depending on the size of the networks
this would be a humongous task and a huge budgetary overhead.
The correct soltuion would be to deploy Wave 2 APs with Access switches which support the new Ethernet NbaseT standard 802.3bz.  NBASE-T technology allows Ethernet links to offer greater flexibility with new data rates of 2.5 Gbps and 5 Gbps over commonly deployed Cat5e and Cat6 cabling.  The technology is based on signaling (derived from that used in 10GBASE-T) that boosts data throughput of up to 100 meters twisted pair copper cabling well beyond that supported by 1000BASE-T.

It therefore enables users to boost the performance of networks based on Cat5e and Cat6 cabling in the most cost-effective, least-disruptive manner.


Hope it helps.  Cheers !



Picture Credit/Source: Internetworksblog.com

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