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This document covers significance of survey and values measured during the survey, issues with traditional survey tools, and other impacts, what it takes to plan a good design for the wireless network and most importantly why is Ekahau the pioneer in this.


What is achieved from the Survey?

  1. An active survey helps us to learn and know the environment well.
  2. Precisely calculate all the parameters that could possibly fall apart such as SNR, interference, coverage etc.
  3. Design heat map by implementing the observations on the simulation tool which would replicate the real time situation on the tool.
  4. This would save us a lot of time and money by letting us make possible tests and corrections that could be made before implementing the network.
  5. A Passive survey would help us to test the implementation and to fine tune the network.


Issues with traditional tools:

The traditional, commonly used USB-based Wi-Fi adapters provide inconsistent and inaccurate measurements. USB adapters were created as add-on components for laptops to connect to Wi-Fi. Their primary purpose has been to establish decent wireless data connection, and not to measure RF signal strength precisely.


Why values measured in survey are so important?

  • Signal data is highly compromised when relying on those traditional USB devices for accurate measurements.
  • Imprecise readings can result in bad wifi design.
  • If an imprecise tool is used in the survey, the data could be spoiled by inaccuracies.


Will the position of adapters impacts the survey measurements?



How accurately the adapters’ measure signal strength largely depends how they are held by the user during the survey. Walking direction in relation to AP location further impacts the precision of signal strength measurement. Accuracy of survey measurement depends on walking direction, posture, as well as the angle the measuring device is held in relation to access points.


Effects of a bad design:

  • Too many Access points would cause excessive co-channel interference which will affect performance.
  • Channel overlap would negatively impact network capacity.
  • Poor connectivity
  • Slow service
  • Lack of reliability
  • Random disconnections


Why ekahau?

A network must be reliable to keep up with the demands of modern applications like VOIP and video streaming. Wifi has to be designed not installed. Good measurements enable a good design that equals good Wi-Fi. Ekahau offers best and precise measurements and the tool which could help us plan the best wireless design for any kind of complicated environment.


Components involved:

  1. Ekahau Sidekick
  2. Ekahau Pro



Unlike other tools Ekahau Sidekick can significantly provide better measurements with the help of Sidekick. Sidekick has two independent radios and a spectrum analyser in it. This adds strength by allowing us to analyse both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz signal at the same time but separately. Sidekick’s Omni-directional Antennas Enable Precise Readings, regardless of AP Direction.



Ekahau Pro:

This is a software tool used for surveys and to plan the positioning the AP’s on the floor plan. Reports can be generated based on the values measured on the environment. This is available for PC’s and tablets for more efficiency.



Visibility with Ekahau:

  • Signal strength
  • Secondary signal strength
  • Interference
  • Bandwidth plan
  • Data rate plan
  • Network health
  • Network issues
  • Transmission Power plan


  • Unmatched precision is one of the greatest benefits of Ekahau Sidekick.
  • Omni-directional antennas which enable precise readings, regardless of AP direction.
  • Consistency between Sidekick units.
  • Narrow band dBm readings.
  • Provides best AP positioning designs.
  • Replicates the exact situation of the environment on the tool.


Wi-Fi is an integral part of most organizations’ daily operations. Companies increasingly rely on Wi-Fi to connect people, devices and equipment across the globe. So it is very important to provide best designs optimal to concerned environments.


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