Executing Scripts on Fortigate through FortiManager


Scripts allow you to create, execute, and view the results of scripts executed on Fortigate devices. The ability to use scripts from the FortiManager provides a benefit when dealing with the configuration and deployment of firewalls on a wide range. For example, if you are deploying a greater number of firewalls in your organization which are in the same topology. If you were supposed to use the GUI for deployment, you would need to configure each firewall individually and make the changes. The ability to use a script reduces administrative overhead because it allows redundant use of commands across all devices and saves time.


The below video showcases steps to run the script using the option run script on device database. With this option, the scripts get executed in both FortiManager device database and as well in the Fortigate device database.



In the second video showcases steps to run the script using the remote Fortigate directly through FortiManager.



Since the scripts are executed directly executed to the Fortigate device in the above video, there is a limitation with this methodology. That is Fortigate device and FortiManager device database won’t be synchronized with each other.

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