ClearPass 6.7 Integration with Slack

Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services. The name is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”.

ClearPass started integration of Cloud Indentity Services from the latest version 6.7
Below is the Explanation about integration of Slack with ClearPass

Step 1: Create a app in Slack Developers
• Navigate to

• Click on start Building


• Provide a APP Name and your Development slack Workplace and click on Create APP

• An APP will be created with Client ID and Client Secret

• Save these Credentials with you

Step 2 : Create a Weblogin Page on ClearPass

• Navigate to ClearPass Guest->Configuration–>WebLogin
• Click on Create a new web login page
• Provide the Name and Page Name
• Scroll down and enable Cloud Identity

• Click on Add new authentication provider and Select Slack

• Input Client ID and Client Secret created in Slack App and click on Add

• Add {nwa_social_logins} in Header or Footer of the page


• Save the page.
• Launch the page and you should see the Slack button in the page as shown below

Step 3 : Map the Oauth Redirect URL in slack APP
• Navigate to
• Click on your APP
• On the Right hand Side you would see “ Manage Distribution” . Click on it


• Click on Add Oauth Redirect URLs.
• Click on Add new Redirect URL

• Add the ClearPass Weblogin Page in the Redirect URL.

• Save URLs

Step 4: Create a Social Login Service

• Navigate to ClearPass PolicyManager–>Configuration–>start Here
• Click on Cloud Identity/Social Media Authentication

• Select the Name of the Service
• Provide wireless Details and guest Access Restrictions and Add the Service
• You would see the Service created for Social login

Step 5 : Map the page Created on the ClearPass to your Wireless SSID[/fusion_text]

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